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You have something inside of you waiting to be discovered.

The person you were always meant to be.

The positive, healthy, successful version of yourself you have always dreamed of.

It’s who you ARE

– on a Soul Level –

and it’s there, just waiting for awakening.

Whether you’re feeling unwell and want to raise your vibration, recreate your reality, and live life at your true soul level – we will support you.




We’re Jennifer and Bailey Sprow – a mother-daughter team who support you in transforming your health, wealth, and relationships using harmonizing energy and the Akashic Records, unlocking who you are on a soul level and aligning your life with a new, positive reality.


Through our journey we have found that everything consists of energy. As humans we are comprised of vibrating atoms just like your chair and desk and all of nature. Low vibrating energy causes disharmony in how people feel physically, emotionally and spiritually. It affects our relationships, finances, health and well being, the way we view ourselves and our perception of others and the world at large.

There is a point in energy where all of the vibrations stop and when this point is harnessed the frequencies of atoms can be positively altered resulting in the restoration of a previous inharmonious vibration.

We understand the feeling of inharmonious vibrations and chaotic energy quite well. After decades of ill being, financial loss relationship strife and enmity we have successfully resolved negative patterns for ourselves and employ the same techniques for our clients and students with unparalleled comparability.

We are a mother daughter team of heart centered entrepreneurs blessed to live each day feeling great and loving life and are honored that you here with us and are privileged to be a part of your journey.

Jennifer & Bailey Sprow

Welcome to Harmonizing Your Soul.

The place to expand your consciousness and unify you with your soul.

The YOU you’ve been waiting for is just a transformation away.