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I would like to highly recommend Bailey Sprow and her beautiful abilities.
She facilitated a Soul Retrieval Session for me earlier this week. Hat’s off with a Nod to her.

Her level of caring, professionalism and accuracy on many topics I had never told anyone else was astonishing and I could remember verbatim 90% of the things she saw as parts of my Soul. The large amount of information she brings forward for you will take a good amount of time to process and wrap your head around so do not think you will not be processing this information for a Right Smart Piece of Time.

She is smart and very in touch with you.
I love the homework, so far not missed a day, wink, wink.

If you are in any way interested in seeing and retrieving misplaced parts of yourself do give Bailey the opportunity to assist you.


Jennifer L Sprow has been sending harmonizing energy to me for almost 30 days now. I would say that my pain has become less frequent and went from a level 8 to a level 4 on most days. Mind you, I have had chronic level pain since infancy, so this is a very good start. Jennifer also taught me how to do a pain breath, and I am working with that as well to improve my relief. Thank you, Jennifer!

I ABSOLUTELY love the Peace Uplevel! Since it was done I have been going through some stuff and through it all I have been pretty darned relaxed. I had one week that was particularly stressful with finances and my neck tweaked out threatening to spasm. I was able to call in the peace and it released in a few hours. My right foot is still vibrating and buzzing. I know my heart is happy  about that  too!

I am beyond grateful for all of the information I’ve received on behalf of the soul realignment session that was gifted to me from Bailey Sprow; She has such a loving and sweet gentle energy, she made me feel welcomed and comfortable as if we’ve worked or known each other for a long time yet it was our first cyber meeting…
I highly suggest scheduling a session for yourself and or a loved one this holiday season.


“I had a pain healing session pertaining to pain in my left hip with Jennifer that was absolutely outstanding! I could feel the energy coursing up my leg and circulating around my hip.

My pain level started at 7 and was down to a 2 by the end of the short session. The pain continued to decrease over the next couple of days and has not returned in the two weeks since the session.

Jennifer kept getting the message to ‘go deeper’ and she did. I am so Grateful!!”

“…The first prosperity code (a 6-7 meditation recording) was so beautiful to experience. I saw many things happening. And each time I listen to it I feel and see something new shifting.
After the first time I listened to it – the very next day I was bathed in all different forms of prosperity! Prosperity in gifts, in love, in perspective. Thank you Jennifer for sharing your gifts and being YOU!”

Hi All – I received a clear message that it is time to share my journey working with Jennifer Sprow over the last several months, specifically in the Harmonizing Your Body Group Program. Before the program showed up for me, I was experiencing extreme health issues up to losing complete functionality of my left side briefly. I had been in pain for years before this, but just could not understand the messages my body was trying to communicate to me. This was my final wake up call and I saw the ad for the Harmonizing Your Body group program and knew immediately that I needed to follow the path.

My doctor visits began (again, for the newest severe symptom) in November 2017, and my first pain management ambulatory surgery was in January 2018. My symptoms were spinal and central nervous system related, but I knew it was more than that. I reached out to Jennifer at the end of January, to join the program. I was still in a lot of pain, taking pain meds, steroids for inflammation, and still not finding relief. I was frustrated, worried, and lost. I knew my body was trying to get messages through and I needed energy work in addition to my medical treatment, because the body is the last stop – the areas to be addressed were further up in my other bodies: emotional, mental, spiritual. I had physical lost strength and functionality in my body. I could not hold things with my left hand and I was unable to stand for more than a few seconds to minutes. I was beyond fatigued, as my body and mind were just in survival mode.

When I began working with Jennifer, I noticed energy improvements almost immediately. I began to have a much stronger connection with my body and could share these details with my doctor, which helped us move into doing two more ambulatory surgeries, because I knew exactly what my body needed to begin to move towards health, or at a minimum better functionality. In the middle of March, after my third treatment and having moved through the Harmonizing Your Body Group Program I felt like I had a new lease on life. Physical therapy began for me in April and I am happy to report with the help of the harmonizers, I am regaining functionality very quickly (it’s only been 1.5 months), my mindset has moved from victim to an owner mentality and during this program I used this improvement to continuously use the harmonizers to heal at the cellular level.

I am an extreme case. I still have some time with physical therapy to become fully functional I am now able to do more and more each week and I’ve made considerable progress in what is a very short time period thanks to combining traditional medicine with the energetic healing of the harmonizers and Heal Your Body Group Program. So, if you are not an extreme case like me, you’ll benefit even MORE from this program and most likely move past your challenges completely during the program. The secret to getting miraculous results is to engage and participate fully in the program – do nothing else at the same time from a course or energy work perspective and dedicate yourself fully to yourself.

If you’re looking for someone or a group for support related to challenges you’re experiencing whether mind, body, emotional, or spiritual then Jennifer Sprow and the Harmonizing Your Body Program will meet and exceed your expectations. I’ve been able to move off of pain meds to over the counter aspirin to treat my pain and inflammation. I’m able to continue with my daily physical therapy workouts, going into the PT office only once or twice a week. If you are ready to change the state of your physical body and move onto living a healthy life, I cannot recommend this program highly enough as the way to help you make that happen. While I’m still journeying due to the complexity of my body journey, I also feel better than I have in years, and I’m continuing to work with Jennifer to go through the HYB journey again because it is so effective. Don’t hesitate if you hear the calling. I believe in the program so much that I’m following the HYB with becoming a certified practitioner of Jennifer’s modality.


Hi there! I hope this day finds you well. I just wanted to drop you a note saying thank you! ☺️
The chronic fatigue harmonizer has changed my life, honestly and truly. The powerful and lasting effect that those few minutes give me is amazing to me!

After following the guidelines I now listen to it during flare ups for a top off and it literally means the difference between being bedridden those days or being able to walk and complete tasks.

I also read through the advice packet you recently released and it has been most helpful! Some things I was aware of, others I wasn’t, and to have it all laid out like that really helped me take it to heart.

I am most grateful. Thank you for all you share in your group and bless you for sharing your talents with the rest of us.


I have been suffering from an “ailment” for several years. One that could not be given a diagnosis, but was very much affecting my life. The physical symptoms had gotten so bad it was difficult to do regular everyday things, it was hard to get around and function, much less the fun things I wanted to do.

Thankfully I crossed paths with Jennifer Sprow. She is a kind knowledgeable individual who has been a pleasure to work with. Her healing ‘touch’ and activations has helped in improving my situation. I can now do things I hadn’t been able to.

I am so glad for her and her skill set!

Highly recommend!! Thank you, Jennifer!


I am forever grateful and so lucky to be blessed by the powerful healing energy of Jennifer L Sprow. To be blunt and to the point I have suffered from migraines, sinus headaches, chronic sinusitis where in last year alone I was on antibiotics 18 times. I have had an unsuccessful surgery which left me feeling completely hopeless. I was on anti convulsants and really having a hard time enjoying the simplest of moments in life. Then I met Jennifer! Jennifer created a customized healing that literally melted and carved away deep rooted blocked energy. It’s the first time in awhile I have felt such relief and hope. I finally received the healing that I was praying for. It is truly miraculous and life changing! It’s hard for me to even describe in words it is something you really need to experience. Thank you soooo much Jennifer! Many blessings

Back story – I wake up every morning with – it seemed – every limiting belief anyone has ever said to me on replay in my head. Every negative limiting belief you could think of it was there. It’s a FIGHT to speak ALOUD opposite and positive affirmations to drown out the negativity. It was exhausting, debilitationg, restrictive and felt down right hostile!

No more!

😀 I woke up this morning to: NOTHING! SILENCE! And when I started to tell myself GREAT things, they STUCK!!! 😀 oh. my. goodness. I honestly have not had any modality work like this. I’ve been attuned to Reiki Master, didn’t feel a thing. I’ve been cleared by Therapeutic Touch Teachers, didn’t feel a thing. Psychics have trouble ‘reading’ me. Muscle testing has been ‘backwards’.

I feel realigned to Source. I feel SO grateful for this light you had given a spark to.

Thank you <3


What a beautiful soul! Jennifer’s the embodiment of understanding, grace, loving compassion, and an exceptional healer!

She’s generous with her time, energy, healing, and love! She’s also deeply passionate and committed to everyone being healed, so we can live the lives our souls’ came into this reality to embrace, experience, and celebrate!

Thank you for everything, Jennifer!

If you’re looking for a healer, I highly recommend Jennifer!

If you’re looking to activate the Inner Healer in you, I highly recommend Jennifer!

I’m currently in her Co~Creation Energy Healing course and as she shared with me her upcoming Ascension of Ladder healing program, the Arcturian beings came to visit us and expressed wanting to work with me! My body began to warm and I was filled with such loving energy!

Jaymie Yang

“I recently experienced Jennifer’s Total Body Harmonizer…during the process, I could feel my heart expanding, and I felt like the building blocks of my body were coming into perfect alignment. Since receiving it a few days ago, I feel like I have more energy and have been aware of making healthier choices for my body. I am excited to see the long term results of this activation! Jennifer is a powerful and gifted healer and someone I trust with my energy, I am very careful who I connect with for healing! I highly recommend Jennifer and her Total Body Harmonizer.”

Elysia Hartzell

Holy freaking next level EPICness! I just had my first attunement as part of The Energy of Co-Creation Class with Jennifer L Sprow and let me just say how next level it was! Not only was the attunement itself off the charts BUT her description of what she saw while it was running was so inspirational. I don’t “see” things like alot of spiritual folks do so to hear the story she told just made my heart sing. It really resonated with how much I’ve learned about myself through my journey.

I signed off with her to meditate and speak with my guides to get their take on it and about 20 minutes in I got hit with a flood of downloads. Nothing like I have ever experienced before. 5 downloads lasting about 30 minutes. it was crazy! The first was the biggest download I’ve ever had to date and the remaining 4 were just bundles of awesomeness. I was able to use my clair’s to write out all of the information for the downloads and am so excited with what they are about.

AND the kicker! I had a dominant 172 strand DNA activation download floating around in my system all ready to go without even knowing it. YES! 172 strand!!! And then BAM! I just ran it for the very first time and it was freaking amazing!! I can’t wait to get this activation out into the world!

Thank you, Jennifer for working your magic with this program! These shifts are insane!!


Jennifer messaged me to see how I was doing and well I wasn’t doing well at all … I was mentally & emotionally spent!! Jennifer guided me to the Chakra Sacred Activation and as soon as supper was done and the boys were doing their thing I sat quietly and listened to the activation. During the activation I felt so peaceful, it was a beautiful feeling. I could feel the energy flowing up & down through my body … it was amazing. That night I slept great and woke up on Thursday feeling like a new person … I even got into a car accident that morning but I remained calm (normally I would have had an anxiety attack) and the rest of my day was good. Friday was even better …. I felt fabulous! Yesterday was another superb day and today I am just relaxing. The Chakra activation did wonders on my system, clearing energy that most definitely needed to be cleared. Thank you so much Jennifer for sharing this amazing modality with me <3

Lisa K, Calgary AB Canada

Shout out to Jennifer L Sprow – this woman is a treasure. Having first met her in a modality class we connected and she has helped me with my upleveling symptom of headaches. The one thing I have trouble working on myself with is headaches. Jennifer has come to the rescue for me with her Harmonizers – she sends the energy to you and it is wonderful!!

Jennifer sent me a harmonizer last night and it was lovely. A soft gentle energy began to swirl around me and into my heart space and then up into my head. It began to circulate in my third eye Chakra on the back side of my neck. My guides told my third eye was expanding and widening further. I fell back asleep 👏🏻😴 and now I feel wonderful!

Thank you Jennifer for your friendship and for sharing your gifts in this world. More people need to know about these harmonizer of yours!! You seem to have one for everything.👌🏻🙌🏻👏🏻♥️


I have so much Joy and Hope because of Jennifer L. Spow. I love how she has structured her Physical Body Energetic Shift Program. She is super supportive and just so nice and understanding.

Delighted Client

Yesterday I finally got around to using the Prosperity Code harmonisers. Then i went to get my residency permit and was only charged a third of the usual price!!


I wanted to check in and let you know that the prosperity codes seem to be making a big difference in my financial health.  I just have more abundance than before, and I am really grateful for that…wow!  Thank you!

Jessica Roche